The New Face Of Entrepreneurship

A New Era Of Opportunity

Have you ever stopped to think about how the internet has completely transformed the world we live in?

We use it to connect with friends, watch cat videos, and send each other funny memes. But most people don’t realize how big of a role it plays in the fight for a more fair and equal world.

Think about it... Anyone with an idea and a wifi connection can start a business and reach a global audience in days.

Crazy right?!

It's become a powerful tool for leveling the playing field and has given people from diverse backgrounds a chance to follow their dreams regardless of skin color, background, or circumstances. 

Problem Solving

Tavolo, a minority-owned company based outta Minneapolis is a prime example of how the internet can create new opportunities for entrepreneurs to solve their communities problems. 

These guys saw an opportunity during the pandemic to help struggling minority owned restaurants with their contactless dining experience and got to work. Through their app you can reserve your seats, place an order, and tip your server all from your phone. But they didn't stop there...

They noticed the rise of TikTok and the demand for short-form video content among foodies, so they launched a content creation service that partners with local food influencers to make engaging and authentic content for the restaurants partner with. 

With expansion into states like Wisconsin, North Dakota, New York, and Seattle, they've been making some serious moves and we can't wait to see what they do next.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

As we enter a post-pandemic world, the internet is going to play an even bigger role in shaping our economy and creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs. So let's give a round of applause to Tavolo and all the other entrepreneurs who are using the internet to think outside the box and build a better future for themselves and the communities they live in.

Together, we can leverage this incredible tool for good and create a world that's more inclusive, innovative, and inspiring than ever before.

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