Over $2M On TikTok In Under A Year

Today we’re talking about local entrepreneurs, Ben Zaver, Hannah Perez, and how their protein company SEEQ has become one of the fastest growing startups in Minnesota.

We've dubbed them "the White Claw of protein shakes" because instead of sticking with just chocolate or vanilla, SEEQ's out here dropping a new flavor for every color of the rainbow. It's super easy to mix and literally tastes like your drinking juice.

🔨 Building In Public

Before we dive in, Let’s talk about a new term in startup marketing that's been making waves lately.

It’s called "building in public" and here's how it works:

Basically, instead of keeping your progress and failures private, you do the opposite and post everything on social media. The highs, the lows, moments of uncertainty. Literally, everything...

The goal is to document the raw and uncut behind-the-scenes grind of what start up life is like.

SEEQ's consistency in pumping out top-notch content, and their willingness to be vulnerable, has resulted in a super loyal customer base that's genuinely cheering for their success.

🚀 Brand Launch

Looking back, SEEQ's brand launch shows us their first flashes of greatness.

This was their MJ at North Carolina buzzer beater moment. The first time the world really got to see them on the big stage.

They documented everything on TikTok with behind-the-scenes content that brought their followers along for the ride so they could experience the same excitement that comes with starting a new company.

Like most things, this is a lot easier said than done. The hard part is making content that brings the journey to life in a creative and entertaining way.

Take this video that shows Ben stacking his parents house to the ceiling for example.. It's not just a picture of boxes stacked to the ceiling, it's a visually creative video that brings the moment to life and shows everyone chipping in to help out where they can.

Another thing that really stands out is the effort that went into engaging with customers. Ben stayed super engaged by filming personalized customer shoutouts and making update montages on how the launch was going.

This went a long way in making customers feel like part of the SEEQ family at the ground level.

🦈 Getting on Shark Tank

Their marketing campaign to get on Shark Tank was pretty amazing.

They basically started throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what would stick and go viral so they could get on Shark Tank's radar.

An example of this is when Ben spent over 15 hours handwriting the names of every single person who had commented on one of their viral videos onto a life-sized poster that read "Get This Guy On Shark Tank" in hopes of going viral.

All the crazy content stunts ended paying off because by just “Part 5” of their Shark Tank series, they had already gotten on Mark Cuban's radar!

Mark ended up recording a video and giving them a 10/10 in a taste test he posted to his personal TikTok account. Cuban’s stamp of approval and additional exposure was rocket fuel for sales and it ended up leading to their first sell-out!

As the saying goes, "the harder you work, the luckier you get." And that's exactly what SEEQ did. They haven't gotten on Shark Tank yet, but by staying in motion and "getting lucky" they've had several videos go viral and other big time investors take notice.

🏈 Football Fields & Igloo Airbnb’s

Lately, they've been upping their game with bigger and more ambitious productions.

For example, just last year they decided to announce a sell out by renting out a football field and stretching customer receipts back and forth across the length of multiple football fields. At one point, they put all the receipts into a pile and Ben jumped in and started doing snow angles while a drone captured the shot overhead.

One of their latest projects was to build the world's largest Igloo Airbnb made out of SEEQ protein... Who thinks of this stuff?!

SEEQ's unique blend between half protein company and half media company has been incredibly effective in attracting views, followers, and driving sales.

Thanks to their organic reach and great content, SEEQ can continue to scale while keeping customer acquisition costs extremely low. Expect big things from SEEQ in 2023.


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